5 star reads, Graphic Novel

Happily Every After & Everything in Between by Debbie Tung

Happily Ever After & Everything In BetweenHappily Ever After & Everything In Between by Debbie Tung
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am not usually a reader of graphic novels but this one will most definitely change my reading habits. As I was reading this book, I immediately knew that I would be purchasing this book for some newlyweds that have weddings coming up this year. They may not appreciate it right now at the beginning phase of their marriage, but this book is so relatable and I think with a marriage’s ups and downs it’s so important that we keep things in perspective. In today’s society with the pressures of social media, it is very easy for us to look at everyone’s posts and think all our friends have such perfect lives, and we can second guess our relationships. This book is a down to earth showcase that life is more than your facebook memories. It’s full of trials and tribulations, that although we don’t think so in the moment, we will soon be able to laugh at the journey called marriage. I am now intrigued and will be looking at past work from this author. Thank you NetGalley for providing me with this advanced reader copy.

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5 star reads, Rom Com

The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa

The Worst Best ManThe Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jennifer Lopez’s the Wedding Planner meets Nia Vardalos’ My Big Fat Greek Wedding, without the wedding. Wedding planner left at the altar.

I have to start this review with strongly recommending that you consume this book in audiobook format. The banter and humor in this book is lost on the reader unless you can hear it in their accents and with their sarcasm.

It’s a classic enemies to lovers. Story is told from different perspectives and the representation of strong women in Carolina’s family is amazing. Carolina is Brazilian and the sass that comes from her mother, Tias and her girlfriends is laugh out loud funny. ESPECIALLY via audiobook.

This isn’t a heavy thought provoking read, but instead think of it as one of those 90’s Romantic comedy movies you keep coming back to when you are feeling nostalgic.

The audiobook is available for free via Hoopla through your local library.

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5 star reads, Thriller

Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier

Little SecretsLittle Secrets by Jennifer Hillier
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First I want to start out by suggesting that you DO NOT read the synopsis. This is one of those books that divulges too much in the synopsis. There are things that are mentioned that happen much later in the book and it is best to not know what’s coming up…
My first Jennifer Hillier book was Jar of Hearts. I was new to Thrillers at that time. I could still only handle fluffy love stories and I wasn’t sure I had it in me to have my stomach tied in knots. NEWSFLASH!!! She has me hooked. After reading Jar of Hearts I discovered my love for the sick and twisted. Little Secrets did not disappoint. This book touches on so many emotions. Jennifer has a way of giving you hints to the plot twist in such a way that you don’t see it coming, and then when the reveal happens, it’s a WTF moment. The type of WTF moment that makes you scream and want to throw the book across the room. Then you can’t get to the end fast enough. Did any of you figure it out? Did you pick up on the clues?