#Blogmas Day 1 & 2

So excited to get to participate in my first Blogmas! Sophie at Beware of the Reader has been doing this for three years, and this will be my first!  I will be posting my “bests” of 2019 based on the prompts.  I look forward to following everyone’s Blogmas and adding some books to my never ending TBR.

Best YA

By far my FAVORITE!!!!!  I can’t wait for the second book in the series “A Heart so Fierce and Broken” that is slated to be released on January 7th 2020.  This is a Beauty and the Beast retelling.  I am often very fearful of the Fantasy genre but I would encourage anyone that is not so comfortable with Fantasy to give this at try.

Soul Destroyer/Huge Book Hangover

November 9: A Novel


This book just killed me.  The roller coaster of emotions was overwhelming.  I read this in one sitting.  I just couldn’t stop reading and felt all kinds of emotions at once.  I remember finishing this book and not being able to pick up another one for at least a week.  Colleen Hoover has this effect on me!

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