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I had this book sitting on my shelf for months.  I don't know what it was but I just never picked it up.  Something else always seemed more interesting.  Take my advice, if you have this on your shelf, bring it to the top of your tbr list.  This book was full of plot twists...things I never saw coming.  Your emotions are all over the place with this one.  I can't say too much so as not to spoil it but I have read many reviews where people did not like this book because you're reading from the perspective of the con artist, then the next part of the book you go over the same scenarios but now in the mind of the victim.  I can see how maybe some people don't like this kind of writing, but for me personally, I like this type of psychological suspense where the how and the why's and the other perspective is revealed.  It's a fast read and I would say it's a good one to use as a palette cleanser.

Keep Her Safe

My introduction to K.A. Tucker as an author was through her book The Simple Wild.  This book checked all the boxes for me.  It was a new adult romance with a hate to love trope and some family drama.  This made me want to try out more of her work.  The next book of hers that I read was Say you still love me.  This book had a dual timeline going back and forth between what happened at a summer camp while growing up and the main characters as adults.  Honestly, after coming off of The Simple wild, this book seemed a bit young to me.  In the end, I enjoyed it, but became apprehensive about reading more of her books.  Next on my list from K.A. Tucker was He will be my ruin.  She did it again!  This book was a psychological thriller with some steamy love scenes.   Three different books, covering three different genres.  I am enjoying the unpredictability of this author.  Especially since, at the end of they day, she is a great author no matter what she writes.  Of course we all have our preferences on story lines and/or tropes but K. A. Tucker has proven that when you got it, you got matter the genre.

This brings me to Keep her safe.  Once again, a completely different genre.  This time romantic suspense/thriller.  I don't usually like detective stories, but this one isn't your usual detective case story.